Role: Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist: Yuri Liberzon.

Release:July 26, 2017.

The Story

This is the second album by Yuri that I worked on as producer and engineer. Besides the fact that he’s an amazing player, there is always a special connection for me when making a classical guitar record, since I dedicated many years to study that instrument and learn some of the repertoire during my years at the Conservatory. This album in particular has an added special flavor to me, since it's all music by Astor Piazzolla, from my home country, Argentina.

I believe music is really all one big chunk of stuff and I try to approach every project in the same way, asking the question: What is the music about, what is it trying to express, and what do we need to do so that can happen?

I think working with classical music is a wonderful way to draw inspiration and gather musical vocabulary that can be used in any other musical situation we find ourselves in. Once again, I think music is all one. There is a third album we did together which is all Bach. Get ready for that!