Role: Producer, Band Member, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist:Camille Mai (The View From Bernal Hill).

Release:December 6, 2013.

The Story

I met Camille Mai and Schuyler Karr while I was a student at the San Francisco Conservatory. Schuyler and I connected over our love for bands like Radiohead and quickly started making music together. I met Camille in the local music scene and was instantly blown away by her talent as a songwriter.

The three of us started playing together shortly after and developed a community of musicians around the trio which at some point included a string quartet, drums, an MC and backup singers. Making music with them was inspiring, and enriching for me. They are amazingly talented musicians.

This was our first recording together and it showcases the beginnings of our sound together as a group, playing Camille’s original compositions. The EP features amazing Iranian percussionist, Shahāb Pāranj. We recorded it at the studio of the SF Conservatory with the help of my friend Zach Miley, and then I mixed it in my little room in a student shared apartment in the Richmond, SF, on M-Audio monitors :)

I am sure I would do many things differently if I were to produce and mix this record again, but still, to this day, there is a special magic to it that I can’t quite put my finger on and it remains one of my favorite projects I have ever worked on.