Role: Producer, String Arranger, Guitar, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist: Aaron Gibson.

Release:January 1, 2019.

The Story

This album was an incredible journey, which started with Aaron asking me to do one string arrangement for one of his songs (Full Dark) and turned into being one of the most special and collaborative projects I've been involved in. I wrote string arrangements for 5 of the songs and play guitar and keys for a few of the other tunes on the record.

Recording the strings was a challenge since I was wearing multiple hats at the session--engineering, producing and coaching the string quartet to get specific performances. It's never just what's on the score, it takes a lot of communication and interpretation to get the music to really speak when taken from the paper to the live ensemble. But the rewards for the effort are amazing.

Finally, mixing the album was a beautiful experience. Being able to recreate the dynamics from the arrangement into a recorded piece and then having all the elements blend with each other was a magical time.