Role: Producer, Arranger, Bass, Programming, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist: Belen Pasqualini.

Release:November 8, 2019.

The Story

One of my favorite things in music is to collaborate with friends and write arrangements with a specific person in mind to play them. It all started when my talented friend, Belen, was visiting from Argentina and I was giving her a studio tour at Airship Laboratories. She sat on the Rhodes and started playing this song (which I had never heard), and it was instantly obvious we should turn the studio visit into a recording session. We tracked keys, bass, vocals, and the snaps, on the spot.

The drum programming came later, back at my home studio and it was played on a little drum pad. After spending some time with the song I started hearing woodwinds in it. I wrote the woodwind parts in an afternoon. The part just came to me and it was clear what the song was needing from the woodwinds. The widespread lines that play on the sides were written out, and the solo section was improvised by the amazing Aaron Kruziki on tenor sax, who also played the bass clarinet parts in the arrangement.

Being on different continents, we had to work on the production and final mix, remotely. But that wasn’t an impediment, rather a source of inspiration and it sparked a desire for further collaboration with musicians, producers and engineers in Argentina for me.