Role: Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist: John Haesemeyer.

Release:February 25, 2022.

The Story

This album was produced during the second half of 2020, just John and me in my home studio in Berkeley, CA.

We started with some super lo-fi demos recorded straight into a laptop onboard mic at John's Oakland apartment to later lay down a combination of a couple acoustic guitars plus lead vocals. We wanted to build the sound of the album around those core elements. Then we sent rough mixes to drummer Andrew Laubacher from Con Brio, Hammond player Ignacio Subirós and bassist Mariano Sosa Acosta in Argentina so they could record parts remotely.

This album was recorded during teh second half of 2020, just John and me in my homestudio in Berkeley, CA, where we laid down the core tracks.

Once we had those tracks back we went into Airship Laboratories in Richmond, CA for a day where I recorded the piano tracks for all the songs with John being my producer there. Then we went back to my studio for final string arrangements and vocal layers. John didn't allow me to use a single electric guitar on the record, and so it was.

It felt so good to be together in the room and make music for a few weeks, we figured it would just take the 2 of us to make this thing happen so we went for it, we couldn't wait any longer.

There are some very heartfelt and tender moments in this record and I believe this is the best record we produce together to the date.

Certainly one of the highlights of 2020 for me.