Role: Mixing Engineer, Musician.

Artist:Mia Pixley.

Release:July 23, 2021.

The Story

Mia's unstoppable creative force keeps re-inventing and developing new sounds to touch our souls. This one is her best work yet I think, and I had nothing but an absolute pleasure working on the mixes for this record.

She's always down to turn nature into magical realism in sound, where cellos float from left to right and stacked vocals come from a different dimension to enchant us with warm harmonies. Mia's records are always equally exciting and challenging, nothing is done by default, every thing is built from scratch to create new atmospheres around the story she paints with her voice and cello.

Thank you for your trust with yet one more beautiful record and also allow me to throw in there a few strokes of sound with my acoustic guitar and Wurlitzer.