Role: Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist:Shawn Thwaites & Camilla Covington.

Release:November 27, 2019.

The Story

Working with Shawn and Camilla on this single was really fun. They had a demo recording with a few layers of virtual instruments in Ableton already going, so the idea was to take those initial seeds and make them work in the context of a fully fleshed-out arrangement.

Before we started working on the production Shawn invited me to watch them play a live show and I was really impressed. They were playing originals I had never heard before and it felt as if I was listening to songs I knew for years.

With the live band performance in mind, we went back to my studio to create a production that would embrace the Ableton based arrangement but would also capture some of the live elements. We recorded Shawn’s steel drums and some layers of acoustic guitars and background vocals to create a mix between r&b and acoustic pop. It’s easy when you have these talented musicians to work with!