Role: Co-Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist: Pablo Oliva.

Release:September 15, 2021.

The Story

Pablo Oliva and co-producer Facundo Pereyra reached out to me from Argentina after learning that another Argentinean had worked on the Fantastic Negrito records they really liked. They were looking for a producer and engineer to join them for this album.

I listened to the songs and dug into the sessions and could tell there was some serious pre-production work and a lot of thought put into the music. I was in.

The one detail was that they were in Uruguay and Argentina and me in California. But music has this beautiful magic of connecting people and creating strong bonds. Working at a distance was a breeze with Pablo and Facundo and we were able to put together a really killer album featuring some incredible talent from around the world, including Snarky Puppy’s bassist and bandleader Michael League, Rolling Stones long standing bassist Darryl Jones, legendary drummer from Peter Gabriel and many others, Manu Katché, as well as Fantastic Negrito’s guitarist, Tomas Salcedo and keyboard player L.J. Holoman, on hammond and piano.

The whole process was a blast and I am super proud of what we were able to accomplish both musically and sonically.