Role: Arranger, Producer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist:Mike Suarez, Camille Mai, John Haesemeyer, Kendra McKinley, Diana Gameros, Ayelen Secches, Tomás Latorre, Claudio Santome, Nahuel Bronzini.

Release:December 3, 2015.

The Story

I was always captivated by the sound of the string quartet, its sonic qualities, possibilities, and origins. This project is a dream I had for a long time and one that fills me with joy and gratitude. The chance to work with such an eclectic group of artists was an opportunity to explore the different sounds my heart needs to speak out and that resonate on each one of these songs.

I wrote a full string quartet arrangement for each piece in hopes of representing the emotions and images depicted through their music and lyrics, while also imprinting my own voice as a composer. This is a truly collaborative project that brings to life the musical beliefs, fantasies, and needs of both myself and the songwriters.