Role: Producer, Bass, Guitar, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist: Leon Rosen.

Release:August 3, 2019.

The Story

Leon came to me with the idea to produce this song and shared with me a demo recording on a voice memo and said to me: let’s book a day at the studio, you produce it, I trust you, let’s do it. And we did!

I loved the harmonies in the piano part and how the melody allowed for a lot of space in between each phrase. I wanted to embrace the warmth of the piano and add some synth sparkles to take it to a more “supernatural” place, sonically.

I set up a Roland Juno, a Realistic (a Radioshack-Moog synth), and a Moog Minotaur, along with the studio baby grand. I didn’t really know exactly how it would unfold, but we went for it. After Leon laid down the main piano and vocal, I played the bass line and some synth layers. Guitars came after, as well as drums, which we demoed that day.

Then we went back to the studio to re-track drums and I mixed it back at my home studio. This was a really fun one. Make sure to check out the rest of Leon’s catalog, he’s got some really great stuff and a very unique style!