Role: Co-writer, Vocalist, Producer, Instrumentalist, Egnineer.

Artist:Nahuel Bronzini

Release:August 20, 2021.

The Story

This is a project that's a long time coming, and it's me presenting myself to the world as an artist writing and performing my original music. It's a new and exciting phase that has been slowly brewing inside me.

TWriting and creating new music is a very personal journey, there's so much music that's so wonderful out there and bringing newborns into the world presents us with many questions, many times with no answers, but this creative journey serves as a way for deep search and reflection.

The Problem With Love is the first single from this album, and it's a testament to a very special musical friendship with my dear friend Mike Suarez, who I co-wrote the song with.

I am really looking forward to sharing more slices of music and life in the months to come.

Much love, Nahuel