Role: Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing Engineer.

Artist: Bruce Oneal.

Release:February 12, 2021.

The Story

I’ve been making music with Bruce since 2015. I met him outside of the North Berkeley Bart station, while he was playing some Michael Jackson covers with a Casio battery-powered keyboard and a little amp. His energy was amazing. I was captivated by how much passion he was transmitting just with his keyboard and his voice, so I stayed to listen for a while. When he took a break we said hi and he asked me if I was a musician. We chatted for a second and then I was off to my train but we exchanged info.

A month later or so I got a voicemail from an unknown number. It was Bruce, looking for a producer for his new project. We produced 3 EP's after that, including this new record that we recorded in Argentina in November 2019. The plan is to do a few more songs in Bruce’s hometown, Savannah, GA, later this year.

Music has this incredible power. It connects people that otherwise could have never met or shared so many beautiful memories together. I am incredibly grateful for having music in my life.