Nahuel produced my 2013 studio record (Hyde Street Studios) - included 15 rock/orchestral instruments, spanned diverse genres (e.g., rock, folk, pop, hip hop):

I decided to work with Nahuel on this complex project primarily based on his musical expertise, which I sensed early on. In our first meeting, for example, after only one listening, Nahuel was able to play back a song of mine in its entirety suggesting several intelligent melodic and harmonic variations I had not considered. I found this remarkable - unlike anything I had experienced with the seven other producers with whom I had met.

As we worked together, I came fully to appreciate Nahuel's musical expertise. He was the perfect partner for a recording artist - complementing my lyrics, melodies, and simple chord sequences with a structured approach to preproduction, brilliant ideas around harmony and rhythm, diverse arrangements, and a broad network of studio musicians. An accomplished guitarist, Nahuel also played both acoustic and electric guitar on my record - composing many effective lead melodies and fills.

I've also been impressed with Nahuel's sound engineering skills. He combines technical skills with a great ear - hearing music deeply, ensuring optimal recording approaches, and overseeing “killer mixes.” Because of his broad skills, Nahuel is able to effortlessly communicate with artists, musicians, and engineers alike -- effortlessly moving between the languages of emotion, music, and technical-speak. Not surprisingly, nearly everyone who works with Nahuel in the studio walks away impressed by the productivity of sessions.

Looking back, the end result of our work together was a layered, textured, exquisitely rendered album that realized my artistic vision, came in on budget, and received high critical praise.

- John Haesemeyer