The long story...

Coming from a musical family where classical, rock and soul music could be heard all day long, my relationship with music has been a natural interaction from a very early age.

The sounds of Queen and Marvin Gaye that my mother would play on the stereo would melt into works of chamber music by Brahms and Mozart combining with the always resonating opera vocalizations from my dad’s lessons. Despite such a fertile environment for music, I was never pushed or strongly encouraged towards picking up a musical instrument by my parents. Instead, when preadolescence kicked in and long hours spent at the loneliness of a Buenos Aires apartment would fill my days, it was my self initiative and curiosity what made me explore my mom’s old guitar.

After starting out as a self taught alternative rock guitarist as a teenager, and finding my way through a few different private teachers (not always the best thing, and you need to be very lucky at finding “real ones”), I entered the conservatory at age 15. A new path was about to open for me. Influenced by my teacher’s love for early music I started picking up a little bit of everything that was around there while I was also developing a taste for 80’s fusion with Pat Metheny and folks alike. Folk music from my country was also a big piece of influence for me via some close musician friends of my dad. Perhaps my time with them constituted the most significant growth as a musician and human being, at a time when I was starting to taste what life was like out there.

By the time I finished high school I was more than convinced that music had not been a coincidence and that it was here to stay in my life. So I decided to pursue a career in music and put all my energy there. I got a degree in Jazz from the Escuela de Música Contemporánea (Buenos Aires) and right after that I applied to five music schools in the US, and finally decided to attend The San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

I feel like those three years that took me to complete my degree in Classical Guitar were able to sum up all of my prior musical experiences. I was able to, through the glass of classical music, put in perspective all my past influences and reasons of why I do what I do. Most importantly, that I must keep doing it; because it makes a difference for me and for those that I come across in life. There are way too many questions to ask and, sometimes, words are just not enough. I can't say that music has given me the answers, but it has certainly given me the motives.