Nahuel Bronzini is a 2-time Grammy Award winning music producer, arranger, and mixing engineer born and raised in Argentina, and now thriving in the SF Bay Area as a hidden gem working with the best and brightest in the Bay.

Fantastic Negrito’s Grammy Award Winning albums “Please Don’t Be Dead” and “Have you Lost Your Mind Yet?” are known for their wide, lush, exciting, live instrumentation of which Nahuel engineered with passion and precision. When R&B Legends Tony Toni Toné need string arrangements or studio time in the Bay Area, they call up Nahuel.

Well versed in writing and recording string arrangements, horns, pop, folk, and chamber ensembles, Nahuel is a master of multifaceted disciplines that come together in every way to support the music and the elevation of each song beyond the concept of genre.

Also, being a musician himself with ties to many Bay Area artists, his collaborative spirit both inspires and enlivens the local community. One notable example of this was his release entitled “The String Quartet Experience”, in which he wrote string arrangements for local singer-songwriters, and gathered everyone together for a filmed showcase that was simply enchanting.

Nahuel is a graduate from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and from Escuela de Música Contemporánea (Argentina), and studied audio and acoustics at Universidad de Tres de Febrero (Argentina). He has served as Governor of the Recording Academy, San Francisco Chapter and as a member of the Producers and Engineers Wing Committee, as well as a committee member for the Audio Engineering Society, SF Chapter.


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“Whether I am writing string arrangements, diving deep into a full day of tracking at the studio, or focusing on a specific frequency band to solve a tonal problem on a song I am mixing, the focus of my work is always on the music. Things need to feel good, sound amazing and be compelling.” - Nahuel Bronzini



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