Nahuel Bronzini is a Grammy (R) Award winning, Bay Area-based arranger, producer and engineer. For more information:

Nahuel, the producer
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Nahuel, the producer

Nahuel Bronzini is an Argentinean arranger and music producer living in the Bay Area and working with his production company, Studio Burgundio, since 2010. He is a Governor for the Recording Academy, San Francisco Chapter and a member of the Producers and Engineers Wing Committee, as well as a committee member for the AES SF Chapter.

Nahuel’s work focuses in the blending of acoustic instrumentation into pop and folk productions, making use of chamber type ensembles such as string quartets and horn sections as a complement to the work of solo artists and bands.

Nahuel is a graduate from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and from Escuela de Música Contemporánea (Argentina), and studied audio and acoustics at Universidad de Tres de Febrero (Argentina).

Nahuel has worked with groups and artists such as Fantastic Negrito, Tony Toni Toné!, MagikMagik Orchestra, Diana Gameros, D'Wayne Wiggins and Kendra McKinley. Nahuel works off of Airship Laboratories Studios in Richmond, CA.

His most recent work is an album titled “The String Quartet Experience”, a collaboration with 8 solo artists from the Bay Area, East Coast, Argentina and Mexico, which joins together the sounds of singer-songwriting and the the string quartet. The album features local artists Diana Gameros, Kendra McKinley and the Amaranth Quartet.


John Haesemeyer — I decided to work with Nahuel on this complex project primarily based on his musical expertise, which I sensed early on. In our first meeting, for example, after only one listening, Nahuel was able to play back a song of mine in its entirety suggesting several intelligent melodic and harmonic variations I had not considered... (Read more)

Camille Mai — Working on my project Camille Mai Trio with Nahuel Bronzini has been a pleasure the entire time. I've collaborated with Nahuel for about a year, and am constantly surprised by his delicate harmonic sensibility and ear. His enthusiasm and persistence make him great to work with, and he's always active and responsive with emails and takes many initiatives with our group (finding us radio opportunities, shows...) Nahuel also beautifully mixed our first EP ("We Are No Beautiful Children") and made our three-day recording sound like it had been done over weeks. I recommend him 1000x to any artist looking to work with a producer and arranger who's highly skilled, enthusiastic and open-minded!

Angeline Q — I have worked with Nahuel on multiple video projects, his role particularly as a sound editor, and he goes and beyond every time. He works fast and always has multiple solutions to a problem. I highly recommend his work and professionalism.

Feona Lee Jones — Nahuel is an amazing friend, musician, producer, sound engineer, and much more! He helped me release my very first solo piano album, and I cannot thank him enough. He was very detail oriented and got the job done exactly as I had anticipated. I would highly recommend him for any job that has to do with music. He is professional and really knows his stuff.