Nahuel Bronzini is a San Francisco-based producer and sound designer. He is available for hire:


Studio Burgundio offers a variety of music production services, including: composition, arrangements, mixing, recording and post-production.

We collaborate with a dynamic and continuously expanding network of musicians, who contribute diversity and musical excellence to every production. Our network makes us unique, creating authentic and high quality audio at an affordable cost for our clients.


We compose original music for solo artists, bands, film and any project requiring original sound material. Considerations of instrumentation, style and texture are discussed with the client depending on his or her specific needs and artistic intent.


We arrange music for artists who want to take their ideas to the next level, combining different elements to create a fresh and new musical idea that enhances the artist's musical expression and brings a renovated product to life. Arrangements may vary from a subtle change in texture and structure of a piece; to a complete reorganization and substitution of the instrumentation, harmony, melody and meaning of the composition. Studio Burgundio navigates this creative process along with the artist, always taking his/her ideas and concerns as the most relevant points of consideration.

Music Production

During this process, the producer guides the artist in identifying and developing a musical project's core identity and direction. Using the client's original idea as a foundation, the producer helps him/her to make decisions regarding style, instrumentation and structure. The production process varies according to the needs of each artist, but can involve composition, arranging, recording and mixing. The most important part of this process is to find a musical identity that advances toward a unique final product.

Recording and Mixing

Studio Burgundio understands that the recording and mixing processes are closely related, and that an intelligent recording plan is necessary for a final mix that satisfies the expectations of both artist and listener. We work with each artist to structure a detailed mixing plan prior to the recording process, providing a consistent sense of direction and intention that are ultimately reflected in the final mix.

Studio Burgundio is not a recording facility. Rather, a music production company that acts as a facilitator between recording artists and the recording process.

We are proud to call Airship Laboratories Studios our home for all local productions that take place within the Bay Area.

Live Recording

Live recording preserves the integrity of some kinds of music that can't be emulated in a recording studio, such as acoustic ensembles and other music directly associated with a specific performance space. Live recording provides music with a warm and more realistic feel, offering the listener a more vibrant experience and a fresh appreciation of the interaction in between artist and art.

Through our network of audio professionals and colleagues we are able to provide the necessary equipment for any type of production. From super transparent equipment to capture the sounds of chamber music, orchestral and choir recordings (DPA, Grace, GML, Schoeps, etc.), to more vintage and colored gear that recreates a specific sound or “vibe” (Neumann, Neve, Telefunken, etc), we can make sure to provide the best fit of gear for our client’s sonic needs.