Nahuel Bronzini is a Grammy (R) Award winning, Bay Area-based arranger, producer and engineer. For more information:


Studio Burgundio is the envelope under which I do all my music production, arranging, and engineering work. I offer a variety of music production services: composition, arranging, recording and mixing, sourcing session musicians, live performing backup, music consultation, music release services, and design. To achieve this broad range of services I have cultivated a large network of collaborators that I trust deeply, and that allows me to oversee a larger scope of applications. This way, I can ensure that the musical vision follows through consistently throughout the whole production, execution, and publishing process.

In my world, a typical working relationship starts as a musical interaction. An initial consultation leads to a project assessment which clarifies the purpose and ultimate goal that is being targeted whether it’s a single release, an EP, a music video, or a full-length studio album.

A producer can often work together with a band to oversee the creative process, serving as a music consultant, helping to maximize the outcome for the group, guaranteeing artistic success when making a record, polishing a live performance, or finding the right framework for a specific musical experience.

Music Production

During this process, the producer guides the artist in identifying and developing the project's core identity and direction. Using the client's original idea as a foundation, the producer helps him/her make decisions regarding style, instrumentation and structure. The production process varies according to the needs of each artist and project, but can involve composition, arranging, recording and mixing. The most important part of this process is to find the musical identity that leads to a unique final product.

The concept of a music production and/or a music producer can seem rather obscure or mysterious sometimes. A music producer is simply a person who has a broad range of experience in all of the fields involved in creating music and, specifically, in making records. Often times the role of the so called “producer” can be perceived as unclear, but it’s actually a guarantee of quality and integrity in the creative and technical pursuit of making a professional recording.

Ideally, a producer should be able to step up and take on the role of any of the musical parts involved. This could involve engineering (choosing a microphone, deciding if the right stereo image is being achieved in a given scenario, or just calling the right amount of reverb that vocals really need…), being a musical director (making sure that the right harmonies and instrument ranges are being used to the music’s best interest), or performing an instrument (coming up with a keyboard part that is somehow missing in the song for the mix to come alive), and the list goes on…

The producer doesn’t need to be performing all of these roles explicitly at all times, rather, he or she can ensure that it all runs smoothly. That is the real value of hiring a music producer for a project: making sure that things are on track and that you are always making the best decision possible at every moment. Hopefully so, and always with the best intentions :).

Recording and Mixing

Studio Burgundio understands that the recording and mixing processes are closely related, and that an intelligent recording plan is necessary for a final mix that satisfies the expectations of both artist and listener. We work with each artist to structure a detailed mixing plan prior to the recording process, providing a consistent sense of direction and intention that are ultimately reflected in the final mix.

Studio Burgundio is not a recording facility. Rather, a music production company that acts as a facilitator between recording artists and the recording process.

We are proud to call Airship Laboratories Studios our home for all local productions that take place within the Bay Area.

Original Music

Based on ideas and suggestions proposed by the client, we can create original music content for virtually any situation or project. From solo instrumental pieces, to full-on pop/rock productions or orchestral compositions, there is really no boundary to where a creative collaboration can lead to. Every project is different and may require a different approach. We are here to help make it happen.