Nahuel Bronzini is a San Francisco-based arranger, producer and engineer. He is available for hire:

Nahuel, the artist

Nahuel, the artist

Nahuel Bronzini is an Argentine guitarist and composer currently based in San Francisco. After completing his degree in jazz at the Escuela de Música Contemporánea in Buenos Aires, he started his musical journey mixing jazz and folk influences into his own vocabulary. Despite Bronzini's love for popular music, his urge to keep widening his music experiences made him move to San Francisco in 2010, to continue his studies in classical guitar at the San Francisco Conservatory.

Bronzini's original music explores themes of nostalgia and longing, navigating sonorities from both the contemporary classical world as well as other jazz and pop culture related music. He is also currently involved in several music projects with bay area artists taking the role of performer arranger and/or producer.

the long story...

Coming from a musical family where classical, rock and soul music could be heard all day long, my relationship with music has been a natural interaction from a very early age... (Read more)


The String Quartet Experience

The String Quartet Experience is Nahuel Bronzini’s arranging journey which joins together the sounds of Singer-Songwriting and a String Quartet. Playing off of the expectations of what a classical string quartet should sound like, Bronzini creates a heightened listening experience of textures and gestures that range between old and new.

This is a collaborative project that brings together 8 solo artists from Argentina, Mexico and the U.S. and the outstanding Amaranth Quartet from San Francisco.

“ I was always captivated by the sound of the string quartet, its sonic qualities, possibilities and origins. This project is a dream I had for a long time and that fills me with joy and gratitude. The chance of working with such eclectic and rich group of artists is an opportunity to explore the different sounds my heart needs to speak out and that resonate on each one of these songs. I wrote a full string quartet arrangement for each piece in hopes of representing the emotions and images depicted through their music and lyrics, while also printing my own voice as a composer. This is a true collaborative project that brings to life the musical beliefs, fantasies and needs of both myself and the songwriters.” - Nahuel

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The View From Bernal Hill

The View From Bernal Hill brings forth a hearty amalgam of odd-meter rock, chamber jazz harmonies, and hip hop lyricism. With French-Vietnamese composer Camille Mai, Argentine guitarist Nahuel Bronzini and Seattleite bassist Schuyler Karr at its core, The View’s songwriting lies at the crossroads of dread and beauty, chasing psychological and spiritual extremes. The group has been performing in San Francisco since 2012 with a rotating cast of percussionists, string players, MCs, and other guest musicians. After touring the West Coast and releasing We Are No Beautiful Children, their first EP, in 2013, the ensemble kept morphing and acquiring new sounds, such as chamber music elements via string quartet arrangements, and numerous collaborations with local artist such as rappers, percussionists and different additional vocalists. The ensemble lead by Camille Mai is currently taking some time to redefine its sound and to soon get back in the studio for the recording of a full LP.

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New Music

I was drawn to instrumental music during my highschool years and, as soon as I was able to understand some basic ideas about music composition and how to integrate different components into a piece of music, I started writing music for a variety of ensembles. From small pieces for electric guitar and accompaniment to larger chamber jazz ensembles and other instreumentation explorations my taste for harmony and the textures that we can create by mixing different elements into a complex and rich musical structures have been a personal joy I carry with me until now. Here are some examples of music I have written through the years, trying to represent the scope of sounds and emotions that I intent to depict through my music.

Music Projects in Argentina

Every time I go visit Argentina, it is always a pleasure to have these sort of musical reunions, where friendship and musicianship blend into a common zone, adding an extra touch of nostalgia and sentimental meaning to the artistic happening. No matter for how long I visit, every time I go back, there are always new and exciting projects emerging that take me into new musical adventures. I am fascinated with the idea of the passing of time, and perhaps one of the things that I get most satisfaction from is observing the way old and new friends (and myself) are in constant motion. It is extremely refreshing and enlighting to play musuc with people over the years and have a wonderful surprise each new time around. Here are some videos that capture musical moments from those interactions and different music related activities I get to honor to be part while visiting Argentina.